THE CONTINENTAL MAGAZINE Nº10 +CD Revista nueva en inglés


THE CONTINENTAL MAGAZINE Nº10 +CD Revista nueva en inglés

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CD Tracks - Issue #10:

Fifty Foot Combo – The Great Caffeine Comedown
The Sadies – A#1
The Krontjong Devils – Butterfingers
The Apemen – When Johnny Comes Wreckin’ Home
The Typhoons – South Of Heaven
Bradipos IV – Forbidden Island
Dr. Frankenstein – Hallucination #4 (Gas Station)
The Metalunas – The Cat’s Pajamas
Twang – Night Of The Twang Creatures
Husky & The Sandmen – Diamond Eye
Jaffa De Luxe – Going To Mexico
Fifty Foot Combo – SL 54 Automatic
Aqua Vista – We’re Gonna Feed Your Voodoo Ass To The Lions
Urban Surf Kings – I’m Branded
The Apemen – Bahareeba (live)
The Mutants – Beachwolley Mudparty
The Hypnomen – Trip With Satan
El Ray – Circus Monkey
Phantom 309 – Motor Oil (Instrobeat)
Dalek Beach Party - Fury
Branko – Mezcal
The Surfdusters – The Mighty Niagra
Estrume'n'tal – Casa Do Sol Nascente
The Waistcoats - Judy
The Anacondas – The Guns Of Brixton
Applecraft – Blown Away


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